Dérive Hawk 10" Longboard Box Fin

Fabricant : Shapers Australia
Modèle : MDESL02
Disponibilité : En Stock

The Hawk is based on traditional performance logging. The wide base provides drive and stability. While the tapered foil creates a flex tip that winds up when placed under pressure for down the line speed and soul arcs. The flex tip and depth of the fin allows for ultimate hold when in the pocket or on the face when noseriding.

The Hawk is part of ShapersFins Logger Series, which is designed to offer the traditional log ride and feel but also offers the adaption of design and development of todays fins and board designs.

Black and Green Resin Pigment

Base: 165mm | 6.49
Depth: 254mm | 10.0"

The Performance Fibreglass Series has a natural flex pattern (stiffer base and a flexi tip), this flex pattern is matching to traditional fiberglass fins. The Performance Fibreglass Series uses RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) to result the weight associated with traditional solid fiberglass fin. The PF Series uses a unique blend and layup of Fibreglass to emulate the feel, Flex and drive of a glass on fin.



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