Part of the Kerrlection series, this is Josh’s go to competition board. Built for conditions the ..
Shortboard New Generation
Get some extra width on your board (19"1/2 or 19"3/4) to improve paddeling experie..
DHD Switch Blade
The Switch Blade is something I designed to fit in between a high performance board and a fish.Th..
Rusty Dozer
Walking the line between a fishy slab and a performance short board, the Dozer packs about as muc..
DHD Double Shot
The Double Shot was created out of increased demand for a board that enabled surfers to shred in ..
  Le modèle MUST-AIR est l’aboutissement du modèle AIR de Jean-Pierre STARK. Nouvel..
  Surfeurs initié à confirmé et vagues jusqu'à 1m50 Tail swallow avec double winger et..
Shortboard Performance
If you are experienced surfers and looking for radical turns and exciting waves surfing... y..
Rusty GTR
The R-1 is an update to the Redline series. Go an inch or so shorter than your shortboard with a ..
Shortboard performance par J. Jonhston. Planche réactive qui supporte des vagues creuse..
Rusty Bender
Name comes from the plus overall rocker. Similar stringer curve to the Misfit. The Bender has a d..
J-board 6'4
Shortboard performance par J. Jonhston. Planche réactive qui supporte des vagues creuse..
Shortboard All Round
By maximising your ability to paddle and catch waves, those "fat pigs" are not in rest when ..
Rusty Slayer
Pulling the wide point forward gives you a rail line that feels a little longer yet offers you mo..
  L’OVNI de Fifi CHEVALLIER, est un thruster (disponible en quad sur demande) ultra..
The parabolic board has a shape that is substantially different from the boards we are used to se..
Rusty Piranha
Our proven, extremely popular, everyday modern fish. Among other things, traditional fish have a ..
  Le modèle <b>BULLFISH</b> est un fish hybride de la gamme <b>CO..
Tight Wombat
 The middle child of the Wombat series. When Hutcho and Beau first came up with this design,..
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